Welcome Message!

From President Shri Bishan Kumar Saini

Hardik Abhinandan!

It is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to the newly launched website of Saini Sabha (Regd.) Narnaul.

Established in 1935 by our visionary forefathers with a board idea of social development and harmony, today, this Sabha is one of the leading torch bearer and largest society in our country. We are proud of the visionary steps of our forefathers which they took 83 years ago and today we are moving forward in their footsteps to fulfill their dreams and aspirations of making a developed, prosperous, educated and harmonious Saini Samaj.

I feel proud in saying that Saini Sabha (Regd.) Narnaul with more than 6500 life members and 60000 associates, is committed to develop the Saini fraternity in all aspects, to strengthen the organization, to increase mutual warmth and cooperation, to remove social evils and encourage the collective/group marriage system. The Sabha run various public welfare institutions like Schools, Dharamshala, Free Coaching Centers and Social Development Centers. It provides Counseling, Guidance and Assistance for economic & educational upliftment of the Saini fraternity, encourages and empower women of the Saini fraternity for finding and undertaking suitable employment,provide or arrange Scholarship/Loan Facility for higher education to the deserving students of Saini fraternity, promotes communal and social harmony and brotherhood and creates awareness and addressing some of the social evils, such as, female feticide, dowry, extravagant expenditure on social functions like marriages. Saini Sabha (Regd.) Narnaul has one of the most robust and forward-thinking organization structure today in the country. We are proud to say that Saini Sabha (Regd.) conducted its elections in 2014 through the proper collegium process (under Haryana Societies Act 2012) and become first society in the state and probably in the country toadopt this system.
This website is dedicated to all the fellow citizens of Saini Samaj who protect the lives, property, and constitutional rights of Saini Samaj and working day and night for the progress of this honest and hardworking Samaj. This website provides a bulk of useful information about the society and its various working committees and bodies, Sabha Collegium, Organization Structure, Constitution, Sabha activities, Sabha Institutions and social establishments, its functions, Membership, Social Help and Grievances, Social media activities and latest news and updates about the local, national and international activities. I hope the members of the Saini Sabha (Regd.) Narnaul and of our fine community, find this website helpful and informative. I would like the website to serve as a tool to facilitate an effective means of communication between our valued members and the community we serve. I am confident that the website would be extremely useful to connect our Samaj across the world on one single platform and giving back to the society (donations) which will be utilized for the betterment of this Samaj.
I wish and encourage all the parents to get your children better education, focus on Beti bachao, Beti padhao, to create latest technology awareness, help each other, unity in Samaj, work for betterment of Saini community and maintaining harmony for the people of other Samaj.
I wish and pray to God that Saini Sabha (Regd.) Narnaul progress day and night and the people of Saini Samaj become prosperous. I would pray for peaceful and prosperous life of Saini Samaj.
Jai Saini Samaj!
Bharat Mata ki Jai!

Bishan Kumar Saini President,
Saini Sabha (Regd.) Narnaul

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